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Vision, Mission and Business Code of Conducts

 Our Vision:
To be a distinguished recruitment services and human capital solutions company that cultivates honest and opportune relationships with our clients, candidates, and partners.

Our Mission:
To provide the world's most complete end to end Recruitment and HR  solution to our clients through well-defined systems, processes and strategic initiatives.


Our Business Code Of Conducts

1. General:
All employees and associates engaged by them shall comply with the Code of Conduct of the TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants and by the rules and regulations outlined below

2. Client (Employer) Handling:

a. TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants must provide full details of fees, charges, expenses and all Terms and Conditions of Business (confirmed in writing) before proceeding with a   recruitment assignment

b. TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants are not allowed under any circumstances to “poach” applicants whom they have placed in permanent employment without the express permission of the employer

c. TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants must protect the confidentiality of any information obtained on client’s business in the course of a recruitment assignment and use such information only for the purpose of staff selection and recruitment for that client

d. TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants will derive income only from clients and make no charges to candidates

3. Applicant (Candidate) Handling:

a. Applicants must be treated in a courteous and dignified manner at all times

b. All applicants must be interviewed by the TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants prior to being put forward to the client for interview

c. Applicants must be given full details of any job for which the TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants intends to recommend them and permission sought from the applicant. An applicant’s permission must be sought and obtained before his or her details are revealed to an employer. The TalentEdge Recruitment Consultants should also determine whether or not the applicant has been approached by another agency about the same job

d. Applicants must be kept informed of the progress of their application

e. References must not be sought without an applicant’s consent