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Job Seeker:

Are you looking for the right career opportunity? Submit your resume: resume@tercpl.com

     Resume Writing Tips:

  • Determine your job search objective and structure the content around it only
  • Strive to be clear and concise
  • Use simple language and make sure not grammar mistake
  • Use small font size around 10 or 12 point
  • Use some technical jargon, specific to your industry
  • Limit the length of your resume to 1-2 pages
  • Accent the positive and leave of negatives and irrelevant points
  • Focus on the duties that support your objective

    Interview Tips:

  • Do proper research the current industrial trends, company, job profile, etc
  • Reach 10 minutes early
  • Be sure to give a firm handshake and smile
  • Maintain eye contact and have positive body language
  • Listen carefully
  • Express authentic interest in job position & company
  • Don’t indulge in negative talks about your previous employer
  • Don’t act as though you are desperate for employment
  • Don’t be too informal